Become a Member 加入會員

The Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association‘s members include scholars, policymakers, postgraduate students, and other professionals interested in supporting the mission of the association.

APPRA is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and about half of our members come from different countries around the world.

Benefits 福利

  1. Become a member of an independent, non-profit organization promoting dialogue, research, and education about policies in the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. Participate in the annual APPRA General Assembly Meeting.
  3. Expand your professional network.
  4. Receive exclusive members-only updates via email in the Member Bulletin.
  5. Learn more about Asia-Pacific policy issues.
  6. Receive discounts on publications by APPRA and affiliated programs.
  7. Request your own personalized APPRA business cards for a nominal fee.
  8. Feature your publications and other work on our member achievements page.
  9. Strengthen your professional reputation by adding APPRA to your CV.
  10. Vote on new APPRA developments and in board member elections.


  1. 成為發展潛力雄厚的中立非營利組織的會員,得以為促進亞太區域相關政策的交流、研究及教育盡綿薄之力。
  2. 參加 APPRA 年度會員大會。
  3. 擴展專業人際網絡。
  4. 接收來自 Member Bulletin 的會員限定電子訊息。
  5. 獲取更多、更新、更完整的亞太區域政策相關知識與訊息。
  6. APPRA 與附屬專案所發行的出版品,可享有優惠折扣。
  7. 可申請製作個人化的協會名片,但須自費。
  8. 可將著作的名稱與超連結登載至會員成就網頁。
  9. 可將 APPRA 會籍加入個人履歷中以強化專業形象。
  10. 在 APPRA 會員大會中擁有投票權。

Eligibility 資格

  1. Expressed interest in supporting our mission of promoting dialogue, research, and education about policies in the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. Commitment to attending the annual APPRA General Assembly Meeting (usually held in June or July in Taipei).
  3. Recommendation by two current APPRA members (either emailed to or signed on the application form).
  4. Not a citizen of mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau (due to Taiwanese regulations for all non-profit organizations).


  1. 有興趣致力於促進亞太區域相關政策的交流、研究及教育。
  2. 承諾參加 APPRA 年度會員大會(每年6月或7月在台北市舉辦)。
  3. 獲得兩位現任會員的推薦。
  4. 非屬中國大陸、香港、澳門等地區人士(行政院大陸委員會法令規定:「大陸地區人民、法人、團體或其他機構,非經主管機關許可,不得為臺灣地區法人、團體或其他機構之成員或擔任其任何職務。」)。

Dues 會費

  1. Initiation fee: 100 NT (may increase after July 2018)
  2. Annual dues: 100 NT (may increase after July 2018)


  1. 入會費:新台幣100元;2018年7月之後將有所調整
  2. 常年會費:新台幣100元;2018年7月之後將有所調整

Application 申請

  1. Download Application Form and Recommendation Form.
  2. Send application form, scanned ID card (both sides), and two recommendations to
  3. Pay initiation fee and annual dues electronically (details here) or in person at an APPRA meeting.


  1. 下載「入會申請書」與「現任會員推薦書」。
  2. 將填妥之申請書、身分證正反面掃描檔及兩份推薦書寄至。
  3. 繳納入會費與常年會費(可採用電子匯款或於本協會活動現場當場繳費)。