Accomplishments 歷年成果

In line with its aims of promoting dialogue, research, and education about policies in the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association and its affiliated programs have completed a wide range of projects, including publishing research, hosting events, and collaborating with its global network of members, contributors, interns, and institutional partners. Here are some of our notable accomplishments:



January 26:

APPRA hosts Fourth Executive Board Meeting (第一屆第四次理事會議).


November 13:

SCSTT members publish Enterprises, Localities, People, and Policy in the South China Sea: Beneath the Surface, edited by Jonathan Spangler, Dean Karalekas, and Moises Lopes de Souza, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

September 8:

SCSTT and APPRA host Guest Lecture with Bill Hayton on “The Modern Origins of China’s Claims in the South China Sea”, in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Affairs and Policy and the Taiwan Center for Security Studies.

August 28–30:

SCSTT and APPRA co-organize International Conference on Maritime Challenges and Market Opportunities: “Facilitating Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific” with the Taiwan Center for Security Studies and Association of Emerging Market Studies.

July 1:

APPRA and SCSTT publish APPRA/SCSTT Annual Report 2016–2017.

June 27:

APPRA hosts Second General Assembly Meeting (第一屆第二次會員大會).

APPRA hosts Guest Lecture with Leonard Hammer.

APPRA hosts Third Joint Executive and Supervisory Board Meeting (第一屆第三次理監事聯席會議).

April 20:

SCSTT publishes South China Sea Lawfare: Post-Arbitration Policy Options and Future Prospects, edited by Fu-Kuo Liu, Keyuan Zou, Shicun Wu, and Jonathan Spangler, South China Sea Think Tank/Taiwan Center for Security Studies.

March 2:

SCSTT hosts Guest Lecture and Roundtable with Philip Streich on “The Empirical Record on Island Disputes and War”.

March 1:

APPRA launches new Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association website featuring media coverage and member achievements.

February 10:

APPRA receives Legal Entity Registration Certificate (法人登記證書) from Taiwan Taipei District Court (臺灣臺北地方法院).

January 4:

APPRA hosts Second Executive Board Meeting (第一屆第二次理事會議).

APPRA hosts Second Supervisory Board Meeting (第一屆第二次監事會議).


October 1:

APPRA official opens for international and domestic donations.

September 6:

APPRA receives official registration number from National Tax Administration.

September 1:

SCSTT launches SCSTT TV.

August 1:

July 23:

APPRA receives approval for official establishment of the Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association from the Ministry of the Interior.

June 22:

APPRA hosts First General Assembly Meeting and Election (第一屆第一次會員大會).

APPRA hosts First Joint Executive and Supervisory Board Meeting (第一屆第一次理監事聯席會議).

January 29:

SCSTT publishes South China Sea Lawfare: Legal Perspectives and International Responses to the Philippines v. China Arbitration Case, edited by Fu-Kuo Liu and Jonathan Spangler, South China Sea Think Tank/Taiwan Center for Security Studies.


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