Affiliated Programs 附屬專案

In line with its aims of promoting dialogue, research, and education about policies in the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association has several affiliated programs:


Asia-Pacific Policy Report Cards (亞太政策評等卡)

The Asia-Pacific Policy Report Card series provides bite-sized analyses of recent policy developments affecting countries around the Asia-Pacific region. It aims to educate the public about key policy issues, stimulate dialogue and research, and outline important considerations for future policymaking in the region. Check out all posts in the Asia-Pacific Policy Report Card series to learn more about what’s happening in the region.


South China Sea Think Tank (南海智庫)

South China Sea Think Tank (SCSTT) is an independent, non-profit organization promoting dialogue, research, and education on South China Sea issues.


Taiwan No. 1 (台灣 No. 1)

Taiwan No. 1 compiles and shares awesome facts about Taiwan with the aim of educating people about the island and its role in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is nonpartisan and takes no institutional position on cross-strait relations.

Future Programs

The Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association aims to serve as a platform for policy research programs that support the mission of the association.

APPRA is open to collaborating with new projects that support its aims.

Researchers, policymakers, and institutions interested in joining forces can contact us with their proposals.

Research areas may include issues related to:

  • International relations and diplomacy
  • Regional security
  • Economics and business
  • Environment
  • Society and culture
  • Immigration
  • Labor
  • … or any other issues that support the mission of the association.